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by Stuart Campbell and Chuan Shaweevongs

The Thai alphabet and system of transliteration
Summarized Tone Rules
Preface to the first edition
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the third edition
Preface to the fourth edition

Lesson 1.
The Tones

Grammar notes

The alphabet and reading

Consonants ก, ข, ค, ฆ, ง, จ, ฉ, ช

Vowels -ะ, -ั, -า, -ำ, -ิ, -ี

Oral spelling (i)

Lesson 2.
Grammar notes

Formal, polite and common words

Consonants ซ, ฌ, ญ, ฎ, ฏ, ฐ, ฑ, ฒ, ณ, ด

Vowels -ึ, -ื, -ุ, -ู

Special signs ๆ, ฯ, ฯลฯ

Lesson 3.

Consonants ต, ถ, ท, ธ, น

Vowels เ-, แ-

Shortening of vowel sounds (i)

Oral spelling (ii)

Lesson 4.
Forms of address

Consonants บ, ป, ผ, ฝ

Vowels โ-, ใ-, ไ-

Inherent vowels “a” and “o”

Pronunciation of predisposed vowels

Lesson 5.

Consonants พ, ฟ, ภ, ม

Vowels -ว, -ัว, -วย, -อ, -อย

Silent consonants and vowels

Oral spelling (iii)

Lesson 6.
Time (Continued)


Consonants ย, ร, ล, ว

Vowels -ัย, -าย, -าว, -ิว, -ุย

Spelling peculiarities (i)

Lesson 7.
The Past Tense ( ได้ ) and ( เป็น )

Consonants ศ, ษ, ส, ห

Vowels เ-ย, เ-ว, เ-อ, เ-า

Spelling peculiarities (ii)

Lesson 8.
Question words

Consonants ฬ, อ, ฮ

Vowels เ-ิ, เ-ีย, เ-ียว, เ-ือ

Inherent vowel “or”

Shortening of vowel sounds (ii)

Lesson 9.
The Past and Perfect Tenses (แล้ว) and (มา)

Obsolete consonants ฃ, ฅ

Vowels เ-ือย, แ-ว, โ-ย, ไ-ย

Combined consonants and vowels ฤ, ฤๅ, ฦ, ฦๅ

Lesson 10.

Introduction to tones

Oral spelling with tone markers

Lesson 11.

Comparison of adjectives

Tone rules. High Class consonants

Lesson 12.
Personal pronouns

Tone exercises. High Class consonants

Lesson 13.
Continuous Tense

The use of WAH (ว่า)

Tone rules. Middle Class consonants

Lesson 14.

Flora and Fauna

Tone exercises. Middle Class consonants

Lesson 15.
Yes and No

Tone exercises. High and Middle Class consonants

Lesson 16.
The use of HY (ให้)

Tone rules. Low Class consonants

Lesson 17.
Personification of nouns and verbs


Tone exercises. Low Class consonants

Lesson 18.
Verbal nouns GAHN (การ) and KWAHM (ความ)

Anomalous tones

Lesson 19.
Passive Voice

Tone exercise. All tones

Lesson 20.
Double verbs

Written Thai

Lesson 21.
Forms of request

Written Thai

Lesson 22.
Compound words

Written Thai

Lesson 23.
GUP (กับ) and GUN (กัน)

Written Thai

Lesson 24.
The use of GOR (ก็) and GAHN TEE (การที่)

Written Thai

Lesson 25.
Prefix and suffix words

Written Thai

Lesson 26.
Fractions and decimals

Duplicated words

Written Thai

Appendix 1.
Appendix 2.
Thai Calendar. Years and months
Appendix 3.
Family relationships
Appendix 4.
Titles and Ranks
Appendix 5.
Government Officials, Ministries, Departments etc.
Appendix 6.
Weights and measures
Appendix 7.
Thai cooking terms and foods
Appendix 8.
How to use a Thai dictionary
Appendix 9.
Appendix 10.
Extended English - Thai vocabulary
Appendix 11.
Extended Thai - English vocabulary by transliteration
Appendix 12.
Extended Thai - English vocabulary by Thai

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